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NetiViral is an awesome website dedicated to deliver interesting stories right at your fingertips. NetiViral is a fresh site with a big potential to grow fast, we are certainly not your standard source of daily news and we are not a personal blog either. But we are focused in delivering the latest trending stories from around the globe.

We work remotely anywhere and in any parts of the world. We don’t have an office. Instead we have the comfort of our homes and the cozy atmosphere of any regular coffee shops. We’re not in competition with other similar websites. We just enjoy doing what we love the most. And that’s to write and share all kinds of great stories that everyone wants to see.

Freelance Writers and Content Curators

We’re looking for freelance writers and content curators who are good in writing highly sharable content. If you want to make quick bucks during your free time, be part of our team!

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Primary responsibility will be creating highly sharable content that everyone will talk about.
  • Inventing unexpected concepts and writing headlines that stand out in Facebook Newsfeeds.
  • Curating the best content on the internet from beautiful arts, powerful images and videos bursting with human emotion, cute animal, funny stuff, and inspiring stories.


  • You are capable of writing witty, entertaining, funny, and engaging contents.
  • Must have Excellent English grammar
  • Ability to write an article that is free of any mistakes.
  • Genuine love for everything worth sharing.
  • You must be an absolute social media aficionado.
  • Knows how to use Content Management Systems, particularly WordPress. (Optional)
  • Basic knowledge on HTML. (Optional)

If you are interested, email us at

Make an Impression:

Here’s how to show off what you can do:

  • Find a very interesting story or video from news and magazine websites.
  • Write a new article out of it with a catchy title like the articles of NetiViral. Then send to

If you have questions, email us at