EXPOSED: Atty. Glenn Chong Reveals Two More Instances Where Comelec Clearly Doctored Voting Results Last 2016

Social media’s crusader and Elections 2016 fraud whistleblower Glenn Chong enlighten the people about the discrepancies of votes that were transmitted compared to those that were recorded.


In the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee Hearing on the automated elections system, Atty. Glenn Chong explains the importance of making sure that the number of people who voted, should be the same number as the final report.

But apparently, that was not the case.


In an attempt to make people understand better, Atty. Chong explains that if there are 6 people, 5 of which have normal height and 1 a midget that comes in, then they should also be the one who comes out, not just two persons.

He is talking about the transmission that was recorded in the official Comelec server which was only 213,814 votes, the transparency server reflected 535,896.

There was a discrepancy of 342,082 votes.

He reiterated the importance that these two should be the same as it came from one server only.

The source sent two results to two recipients and the reports did not tally.


As a clarification, he was asked where he compared the data. He said that the transparency server data was taken on May 10 12nn, while the official Comelec results were reported after May 10.

Another set of discrepancies

In jest, Atty. Chong said that he still wanted to reveal some discrepancies and he might as well do it now because the next time he is allowed to talk might be in the next year.

He revealed a 200+ thousand discrepancy from the file that was transmitted to all the board of canvassers compared to the final tall that Comelec reported.

Both the discrepancies that he mentioned all changed their data when it comes to the final tally report of the Comelec.

What do you think about that?

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