LOOK: Netizen Shares Suspected Evidence that Some Supporters of Sen. Trillanes Are Paid 500.00

A concerned netizen got to social media as he exposed the supposed evidence displaying that some supporters of Senator Antonio Trillanes that are now outside the Senate property were being paid as supporters of the senator.

Based on concerned netizen Tot So, he features some proof revealing that the Trillanes supporters were indeed paid with P500 .00 to help the senator who happens to be now staying at the Philippine Senate due to the probability of being arrested after Trillanes amnesty was announced null and void by the President.

Concerned netizen Tot So released a text message from a friend that is a Cebuano-speaking personality relating to his new job, as being one of the supporters of Trillanes. The text message revealed the following message:
“KOl lantawa ko ninyo sa TV naa ko diri sa gawas senet naa Camera ABS basin makita ko diha, wala pako kita trabaho diri nya gi hire man mi singit2 para ipagtangol daw c trillanes sugot ko kol tagaan mi tag 500 may nalan ni pamasahe diri manila lisud kayo ko diri kol. regards ko diha.”

The text message was translated to Tagalog which indicates “Kol tingnan nyo ko sa TV andito ako sa labas ng senate andito Camera ABS baka makita nyo ko dyan, wala pa akong nakitatrabaho dito pero may naghire samin sisigaw sigaw pra ipagtanggol daw si trillanes pumayag nlng ako kol binigyan kami tag 500 ok narin to pamasahe dito manila hirap ako dito kol. regards mo nlang ako dyan.”

Based on the statement of the message sender being an unemployed individual having a rough time in Manila, being hired as one of the supporters of Trillanes outside the senate is definitely a blessing due to the hardships he/she experienced in Manila.

Source: Facebook
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