TALAGA? Trillanes To “Quietly” Leave The Senate Building: “Susubukan ko mamayang lumabas”

Senator Antonio Trillanes said on Thursday that he will leave the Senate building as quietly as he could, after staying there for more than a week after his amnesty was revoked.

Taking the chance

Trillanes said that he will leave the Senate building tonight. He said that he will try to make it as quiet as possible.

“Susubukan ko mamayang lumabas. We will do it quietly para we’ll see,” he said.

Though no exact time was given, he said that he is taking the chance to see how this administration really is.

With the people’s eye on him and the Senate building, do you think he can realize his plan without making news?

What if

When asked what if he gets arrested when he leaves, he said that he will not resist and will go peacefully. But if so, then the government is only showing that they are openly disobeying the Supreme Court’s decision.

“Wala namang magre-resist sa amin. Hindi tayo manlalaban kung dumating ‘yan,” he said.

Still in danger

Although it was clearly said that Trillanes cannot be arrested without a warrant of arrest, the order to have him arrested remains at the Makati Regional Trial Court. He also said that the AFP do not need a warrant if they will arrest him.

“Ang sinabi nila kung walang warrant, walang arrest. ‘Yung AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) naman walang warrant na kailangan,” he said.

Source: Facebook

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